Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion


Here in Sunny Singapore, we are very privileged to be the country that first releases the Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion. I had the honour of attending the launch party at Sephora Ion and got to bring home a cushion in my shade – No. 4 Fresh Beige.


We have all been bombarded by numerous korean and western brands coming up with cushion pacts that I feel a little overwhelmed. I was happy to see that this is something different from the norm – a metal cushion! A light press of the metal top dispenses just the right amount of product. How chic is the logo on the metal top? There is a puff included and you can use it to dab and buff the product into your skin. For me,  I use a flat top kabuki to apply the product.


After using the cushion for about a week or so, I find that it gives light to medium coverage. As I grow older, I start to appreciate foundations that do not give a flat matte appearance and I like having a slight glow on my face. This cushion fits perfectly into what I am looking for. This would suit normal and combi skin types well. It does not oxidise on me and after a hot lunch in the humid weather, I find that I do need to do a light touch up. Its ease of portability makes it great to put in my bag to touch up on the go!

Do go check it out if you are looking for a new foundation, this definitely would not disappoint!


Item was provided for my review. My opinions expressed are honest and of my own. 

Suqqu Holiday 2015 – Set A.

This year’s Suqqu Holiday sets features a trio instead of a quad. I purchased only Set A because I got my hands on Ex-27 Hanashion as well and I did not want another purple toned palette in such quick succession. I  ate my words on that after seeing the swatches in sunlight as the purple trio in Set B are gorgeous and vibrant.

The set comes with an eye makeup remover (50ml), a gel eyeliner pencil (0.13g) and eye color palette in Ex-03 Aosaori, housed in a tweed patterned pouch. I see myself using the pouch as lunchtime wristlet and it is a rather pretty one at that. IMG_3453IMG_3455Unfortunately, I didn’t have much sunlight when I took pictures of the swatches. I loved how the swirls of the colours made it interesting and the tweed embossing is gorgeous. The top colour is a glittery pale gold that is meant to be a highlighting shade. The middle colour is a beautiful brown taupe with shimmer. The bottom colour is blacken blue with shimmer. I find that it is a simple yet elegant trio. The middle shade is absolutely stunning as a simple wash of colour or to add definition. I don’t have any blue palettes in my stash and addition of black and shimmer to a dark navy makes this blue a lot more wearable for me. IMG_3457Here I have compared Aosaori to Suqqu’s Summer trio in Ex-02 Yosaizora. Aosaori is slightly cooler in tones and the highlight shade is more sparkly than Yosaizora. I was slightly surprised that the bottom shade in Aosaori pulls more blue while the bottom shade in Yosaizora pulls more indigo.

I’m clearly pleased to have purchased this set and can’t wait to try out the eye makeup remover as I’ve heard raves about it.

Philosophy – The Microdelivery Overnight anti-aging peel.

One of Philosophy’s latest offering is the Overnight Anti-Aging Peel. It comes in a 2 step approach where step 1 is the peel and step 2 is the overnight mask.

It combines immediate micro-exfoliation of a peel with an overnight sleeping mask to eliminate the potential for irritation. The peel solution is an alpha/beta hydroxy acid leave on peel solution while the sleeping mask enhances the skin’s ability to resist visible signs of aging.

IMG_3467IMG_3468Step 1: The Peel.

It is a very liquid solution and looks just like water. This is the best part I like about this 2 step skincare treatment. I will use the dropper to dispense the peel onto a cotton pad (the kit contains good quality cotton pads) and gently wipe it over my face. So far I have no encountered any breakout and I really like to gentleness of the peel. It does not make my face itch (the stronger ones do) and I do not have dry or red patches popping up after using it. I use this about 2-3 times a week, depending on my skin condition. I feel that chemical exfoliation helps with preventing blackheads better than physical exfoliation and it aids in reducing the bumps on my skin too. I stop at step 1 if I want a more intensive peel experience. IMG_3469Step 2 is a gel-cream texture product that helps to moisture your skin after the peel treatment. It is meant to be a sleeping mask as well and can be used independently of the peel. I’ve slightly tilted it in the picture to show to ‘boing-boing’ texture of the product and how viscous it is. The gel feels light and refreshing to the touch. I tried it a couple of times over the peel but I find that it does not absorb well into my skin. Not sure if it is the way my skin + peel reacts to it but I didn’t really like this. I gave it a second chance and tried it on its own but also felt likewise. It sat on top of my skin like a second layer without absorbing well.

Overall I find that this is a pretty good kit for trying out a chemical peel for the first time. It is quite gentle and you’re definitely not going to ‘burn’ your face away. You might wanna head to the counter and try out step 2 before you buy though.

This set (peel, night gel and cotton pads) retails for SGD 129 at Sephora SG and at Philosophy counters.


This set was provided to me by Philosophy for my review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

Chanel Holiday 2015

I picked up another 2 items from the Chanel Holiday 2015 collection – Chanel Signe Particulier (4 Eyeshadow) and the Joues Contraste Lumiere in Coups De Minuit. I had them wrapped in the festive packaging and kept it that way for awhile, well because I didn’t feel like ruining the pretty wrapping. This year’s packaging features a red wrapper with the Chanel logo in gold on the inside and a red ribbon with gold trimmings. I always look forward to Chanel’s Holiday packaging 🙂 IMG_3439



There’s probably plenty of blogs out there that have swatches of the eyeshadow quad and highlighter but I’m still going to post my swatches so you can see how it shows up on someone who is very distinctly yellow toned.

I resisted the previous few renditions of the quads in the similar embossing but I was unable to let this go as I love burgundy/dark plum shades. I was very well aware that the quad did not swatch well and did not perform up to the standards of the previous quads but I still got it anyway. I do wish that the pigmentation was better and it felt a little frustrating to swatch the product. I needed to be more brutal when using it to get the colours to show up better but yet I am reluctant to destroy the pretty embossing. The taupe-grey shade was a let down for me as I thought it would be a very good crease shade. It wasn’t the easiest to blend and I had to pack on the product for it to show up better. The quad on the whole fares averagely for me but if given the chance again, I would still buy it.

I didn’t set out to buy the highlighter but since I had time, I played around with it and swatched it while at the counter. Was pleasantly surprised that it was smooth and easy to apply. It swatches as a soft pink with just a hint of sheen and refined glitter. It is a very natural highlighter and I thought it filled in the gap of my highlighters. I have many beige-toned highlighters but so far nothing pink.Being a good girl, I thought over it for awhile before I handed my credit card to the BA at the counter haha.. no regrets!

November has been a busy month for me and I hope December will be kinder 🙂

Moonshot – Moon Revenge

Moonshot is a Korean brand that just launched not too long ago at Sephora Singapore (and Malaysia too). I picked up Moonshot Jelly Pot in Moon Revenge during the recent Sephora sales. It is supposed to be a multi-use item but I felt that the Jelly Pot is best for eyes. The shade I picked up is shimmery and has red-plum undertones. IMG_3433 IMG_3434

The packaging is no frills – you aren’t going to have fancy designs or pictures. The texture is very pigmented and a light dab gets you very far. The texture is pretty liquid-y and easy to spread. It reminds me slightly of melted Jell-O. It does not have a silicone feel to it which I do not really like in liquid eyeshadows as it makes it tough to blend.


The colour is a gorgeous coppery-red with metallic tones. I like how vibrant it is and it really lasts a long time on my hands after I swatched it. Really budge proof!. Now, I just need to figure out how to use it on my eyes and make the red tones work for me… I love such tones but they can be difficult to pull off.

This retails at Sephora for SGD 34.

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite in Light Rose

I had absolutely no intention of picking this up until the BA tried it on me and I found that the colour stayed and stayed. Definitely do not need another lippie but this is a formula that I do not have before, so it’s justified, right..? 😀 The colour stayed on my hands until I reached home and scrubbed it off with some soap.

I have it in Light Rose, which is a neutral and a MLBB shade for me. Totally perfect for work. It is a liquid lipstick on one end and a gloss on the other end. The BA taught me that I should use the gloss to seal in the liquid lipstick colour in.

IMG_3428IMG_3429  IMG_3431 IMG_3430IMG_3432

I find that the formula is comfortable and not too drying for me. It stays on pretty much through light eating but will not stay on if you are going on a chicken wing eating spree. I like liquid lipsticks as I find that the margin of error for me is less and precision is easier. And I don’t have the problem of melting lipsticks in the heat…It’s been crazily hot and humid recently and some of my smooshy lipsticks just arent having a good time 😦

The Rouge Double Intensite are released for Holiday 2015 and apparently an Asia exclusive (anyone can verify this?). This set me back by RM 109.

Tom Ford Eye & Cheek Ombre Shadow

Well, who could resist anything ombre? Definitely not me! I brought home the new Tom Ford Peach Ombre and Plum Ombre from the Fall 2015 collection and I’m kinda feeling the penny pinch on the size of the product. Granted, this is touted to be duo-use (for eye and cheek) but it’s expensive at SGD 100 for each one! To add salt to my poor wounded wallet, they are about half the size of the usual Tom Ford blush. I can only sigh..

Price aside, these two colours are extremely wearable though I could not really see a vast difference in the ombre tones. I foresee these are good items to travel with. In a small compact, you get your blush and eyeshadow rolled into one – super space and time saving!

IMG_3423 IMG_3425

Plum on the left and Peach on the right

I find them to be well pigmented and any dense brush would pick up the product fairly easily. They feel a little hard and dry to the touch but otherwise, I think they’re pretty ok. I don’t need to sweep my brush many times before I get any colour and it is easy to blend.

If you have not guessed already, I like plum on the cheeks and peach on my eyes. *winks*

Tom Ford Illuminating Duo in Moonlight

Tom Ford released a new illuminating duo in the shade ‘Moonlight’ a couple of months ago. I heard that it is part of its normal line up and not limited edition you don’t have to rush out to get it 🙂

This is a powder product but the texture is very buttery soft, almost like a cream texture. It is pretty pigmented and a gentle swipe gets you quite a fair bit of the product each time. This duo contains a highlighter share and a darker shade that’s not quite a bronzer but is meant to be applied on top of your bronzer for that special glow.


I got this illuminating duo just for the darker shade! It is too pretty to pass on. It is a dusty brown tone and I use a soft brush to sweep this across the top of my cheekbones. It has a metallic sheen to it so I do not recommend you to be heavy handed on it as it can emphasize pores a little.

Learnt a little tip while watching the Tom Ford BA apply this on a friend of mine – sweep it across the cheek bones just slightly higher than your pores and more towards the hairline area. This helps to minimize the ‘greasy’ look but still gives you a fabulous glow.

Do you enjoy illuminating products?

Chanel Joues Contraste in Alezane & Golden Sun

In a short span of a month or so, Chanel released 2 very similar blushes. Well, I bought both and I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts on them. Chanel Joues Constrate is my favourite blush type and I believe I have too many of them! It holds a special place in my heart as my first luxury blush is from Chanel.

Anyway, I got Alezane first as I was quite smitten with the rusty tones of the blush. It is perfect for fall and reminds me of autumn leaves. I saw Golden Sun being reviewed on a couple of Aussie beauty blogs and I wondered when it would reach Singapore. I hesitated a little while I was at the counter and when the BA said that there was one piece left, guess who said ‘I’ll get it’. LOL.


Alezane here is pictured on the left and Golden Sun is on the right. Alezane has red tones while Golden Sun is more bronze-y.

IMG_3405 IMG_3406

Here I have the swatches – both blushes are pretty pigmented and easy to blend. I find it difficult to choose between the two of them. Alezane has red tones and shows up pretty much like a dusty rose blush. There are shimmers in it but they are very refined and the swatch definitely does not show it. Golden Sun is almost like a bronzer with sheen. There is a slight sheen but this does not emphasize pores. I can use Golden Sun to warm my complexion but it does not really work as a bronzer for me. It shows up more like a blush for me. Both kick up a fair bit of powder when I swirl my brush in.

For me, Alezane works well for any look. It is a blush colour that does not scream for attention yet softly defines your cheeks. I would use Golden Sun when I want a warmer complexion and also in conjunction with a bright blush shade to create a slight contour-pop kind of effect.

Did you pick up any of them?

Suqqu Cheek & Face Powder in EX-01

This is the only item I picked up from Suqqu’s fall collection. I stayed away from the eyeshadows as they had a cream shade in it and I wasn’t too crazy about cream shades. The cheek and face powder encompasses two different powder colours and in this variation, I have the one with the peach and pink shade and is the one with the warmer tones.

The powder comes with a brush which is pretty soft and I believe should be made out of natural hairs. I can use the peach side as a finishing powder or as a soft highlight powder when I am tanner. The effect is meant to be subtle.

IMG_3415 IMG_3416

Swatches of the pink and peach shades. The pink shade is surprisingly lighter than I expected and takes a bit of work to show up on my skin tone. Both shades do not have glitter and I do not detect any shimmer either. I suppose the two shades can be used together to give warmth to the face as well.

It is the first time Suquu has release something like this and I thought it was pretty good. The powder is very soft and does not kick up much when I dip my brush in it. I’m definitely loving this one!

PS: Microsoft Windows 10 allows me to play around with filters, brightness etc of my photos easily. Something that Apple has for a long while and it has finally come to Windows. I have applied a cooler tone to my photos to cut out the yellow lighting that my room has and tried to make the photos look more real to life. Are the colour tones comfortable to you? Please do leave me a feedback if they look strange! :):) xoxo