Guerlain Meteorites – Aquarella , Summer 2014

When I first saw the promo visual of this meteorites, I had to calm my racing heart. It is simply gorgeous! Pastels? Pink? Ok, sign me up for it! When it was released in Singapore, I promptly got my lazy butt down to Tangs Orchard and got myself one! I poked my fingers into the tester and caressed those balls. A preliminary swatch told me that these were going to be rather glittery, but I was not about to listen to my logical side and still got it. Not an ounce of regret!

Love how the insides of the box is a sweet pastel blue-green. I wished the lid of the container was in pastel pink too!



I had mentioned previously on my IG that there were 5 different colours of meteorites balls. I was wrong though, after carefully sieving through the entire tub, I discovered 6 different colours!

Silvery-pink (glittery), golden (glittery), pink (matte), light pastel blue (matte), very light pastel pink (glittery) and white (glittery). This meteorites is mostly glittery! I was quite concerned about how it is going to show up on my face. I am definitely not keen on looking like Edward Cullen on a normal work day and I already have more than enough highlighters.

Fortunately, I did not have the luck of looking like a vampire. Under close scrutiny in the office’s bright toilet lights, I am pleased to reveal that no, this does not make my face look super glittery! Hooray! You can see fine glitter specks here and there but nothing too in your face! If your friends or colleagues can make out the glitter on your face, they are WAY TOO CLOSE.


Swatches in respective order as per the photo above this. The white one does not show up on my arm, no matter how many times I try!

Bottom line – Get this if you can find it! Major love!


But these Pucci collaboration meteorites are still my all time favourite..





  1. These are so gorgeous– I always eye them when I pass the counter in the beauty hall of my local department store. Glad to know there’s no unintentional Twilight effect, but how do you feel it does look on the skin? Thanks for posting! x

    • It gives a soft glow! It would be perfect for someone who is fair to slightly tanned. The new meteorites are more powdery and since all the balls are lighter in colour, it may cause a slight white cast on those who are more tanned. I am about NC20-30, it goes on very naturally for me 🙂

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